Issue No. 15.24

The offer is valid from 07/03/2024.


  1. The prizes/rewards of Challenges will be free bets e.q. bonus money with specific odds, there is no wagering requirements and the maximum payout per ticket will be at the amount of €300 which will be valid for specific matches and/or for a specific match. The Bonus can be credited to your account within 24 hours from the time of the initial deposit and provided that you have wagered the full amount of ALL betting slips placed with an initial deposit of up to €20 Euros have been settled for same day’s matches.

For example:

•Challenges prizes/rewards of 26/12/2023

•The player should make a deposit and then wager the full amount of his deposit, i.e. 26/12/2023 and then contact our Customer Service by phone or email, after all betting slip/s that have been settled, to validate the bonus.

•The minimum deposit amount must be €10 and must be wagered on one or more betting slip/s which include all 5 Premier league matches, between Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest, Manchester United vs Aston Villa, Bournemouth vs Fulham, Sheffield vs Luton, Burnley vs Liverpool.

•The betting slip/s must contain exclusively all of the above matches only.

•Betting slip/s which include any other matches will not be valid for this offer.

•Minimum odds per ticket 5.00.

•Minimum stake per ticket €5.

•If a betting slip is loser, then the player is entitled to get back 50% of the initial stake, up to €20 in bonuses, e.g.

                 -If you play €20 and lose your betting slip/s, you will receive back €10 in bonus money.

                 -If you play €40 and lose your betting slip/s, you will receive back €20 in bonus money.

                 -If you play €50 and lose your betting slip/s, you will receive back €20 in bonus money.

  1. The player should contact customer service by phone or email to validate the offer and credit the bonus when all options on their betting slip/s have been settled (regardless of outcome).Once the amount of the Challenge Bonus is credited to the player's account, it is available for betting within 24 hours.
  2. If a Cash Out is made on any bet counted in the challenge, the challenge is automatically considered as failed.
  3. Voided entries or entries in canceled matches or participants who did not compete or events which for any reason were settled at the unit performance (1.00) do not count towards the calculation regarding the fulfillment of the Challenge requirements. In this case, the Challenge will not be completed and new betting will be used to cover its offers.
  4. Betting slip/s with requests of other offers will not be counted under any circumstances in the final result made for the calculations of the Challenge.
  5. Bets on conflicting events will not be counted in the final calculation made for the needs of the Challenge. Meridianbet reserves the right to cancel the Challenge at any time and/or remove its rewards as well as any winnings derived from the use of the rewards from any account it deems to be attempting to circumvent the above conflicting betting terms in order to fulfill the Challenge.
  1. The available Challenges for each account will be available in the Account > Promotions > Challenge section).
  2. Each participation must be registered individually. No one is permitted to enter an entry on behalf of another person or on behalf of any other group of persons.
  1. Meridianbet reserves the right to request the completion of the identification process of a member's account details in order to be eligible to participate in a Challenge and/or to be eligible for the award of the Challenge reward. In the event that identification is not completed within a reasonable period of time, then the company reserves the right not to award the reward to the respective account.
  2. Challenges are intended for players betting for entertainment. If a member or group of members has breached or attempted to breach any of the terms of the Challenge or is found to be attempting to exploit the Challenge to make guaranteed profits by arbitrage or any other means, Meridianbet reserves the right to close all accounts involved, cancel the Challenge as well as remove any rewards and winnings derived therefrom.
  1. All Challenges are subject to the respective terms and conditions of examples (which will be made available via the Website) and are limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (eg debit or credit card, Skrill etc), and a mobile phone device, tablet or computer e.g. public library or workplace. Meridianbet reserves the right to remove any member or members from the group of any Challenge at any time and at our sole and absolute discretion. Challenges are only valid for members who make a cash deposit with Meridianbet.
  1. Where any term of the offer is breached or there is evidence of a series of bets by a member or group of members, which due to a deposit bonus, enhanced payouts, free bets or other promotional offer, result in guaranteed winnings regardless of the outcome, either individually or as part of a group, Meridianbet reserves the right to claim back the bonus of such offers, cancel the free bets or cancel any bet funded in part or in full by the deposit bonus. Furthermore, Meridianbet reserves the right to require any member to provide sufficient evidence to confirm the identity of a player before crediting any bonus, or free bet of such promotion to his/her account.
  1. Meridianbet reserves the right to change the terms of the offer or to withdraw it at any time without reason or notice, as well as to revoke/cancel rewards credited to members and/or any winnings derived therefrom, due to technical or other error subject to prior approval by the Regulatory Authority (NBA).  Players who received the offer prior to its withdrawal will continue to be bound by its terms and conditions. In the event that Meridianbet makes any modification to its terms and conditions, it shall communicate such modifications to the player stating at least the following: (a) the provisions that have been modified (b) a clear and understandable explanation of the implications of each modification (c) a link redirecting to the recipient's new and previous terms and regulations.
  1. The bonus can be used strictly for betting only, has no cash value and cannot be withdrawn.
  1. This promotion is only valid for players residing in Cyprus.
  1. General Terms and Conditions apply.

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