Happy Monday



  1. The maximum amount a customer can receive as a Bonus from this offer is € 20 (twenty euros) per week.
  2. The minimum deposit amount should be at least € 10 (ten euros).
  3. The player will be entitled to an extra 20% bonus on their deposit amount, between 00:01-23:59 every Monday, up to €20 maximum
  4. In order for the Happy Monday Bonus to be credited to your Meridianbet account, you will need to request it via email to verify the process, at: [email protected]
  5. The amount due will be credited to your account at meridianbet.com.cy as a Bonus.
  6. The credit of Happy Monday Bonus in your account at meridianbet.com.cy will be made within 24 hours from the moment of deposit and if the Terms of this offer are met.
  7. This offer is valid only for customers residing in Cyprus.
  8. The offer is only valid for customers who have deposited a real amount of money through any payment method at meridianbet.com.cy.
  9. If your original deposit is withdrawn without being used, Meridianbet reserves the right to withhold up to 10% of the deposit amount to cover your transaction fees.
  10. Happy Monday Bonus can be used strictly for betting, has no monetary value and cannot be taken.
  11. Happy Monday Bonus concerns EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY the registered customers of meridianbet.com.cy and its promotion is intended for entertainment of the registered customers of meridianbet.com.cy.
  12. You can bet on any game or option you want.
  13. The offer is valid for all bets (won or lost).
  14. You can only have one (1) active Bonus at a time, while bets placed with money from other Bonuses will not be included in the offer.
  15. Happy Monday Bonus can only be requested once per week.
  16. Meridianbet reserves the right to withdraw the availability or cancel any offers and / or all offers whenever it wishes so, by notifying its customers via email. It is understood that offers already made may not be withdrawn or canceled unless the customer violates the Meridianbet's terms and conditions. It is understood that players who have already received the offer will be bound by the terms and conditions under which they have received the offer.
  17. Meridianbet reserves the right to modify the offers and notify its customers via email of the relevant changes. It also reserves the right to claim or refuse the offer if the customer violates the terms and conditions of Meridianbet. In the event of a claim, the recipient will send a reasoned response to the customer.
  18. General Terms and Conditions apply.