Empty Bet

Empty Bet is a form of betting where a player presents an idea on forming the game the relevant department then considers and based on this idea the betting shop proposes the odds if certain conditions included in the rules and measurability are fulfilled.

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If the proposed game refers to an event that is not included in the offer list and has not started yet and the game is defined by Meridian rules such bet is completely included in standard rules.

If the proposed game refers to an event that has started in the moment of pay-in such bet is included in in-play betting rules.

Of course, sports bets are not the only ones where you can create your own bet! When will a singer or actor be married? Who will be the next famous couple to have a child? A song that you think will cost more than a million views on YouTube?

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The relevant department can, regarding the idea of game formation by the player, propose a bet that is not included in the standard offer if the outcome of such bet can be measured and if there is a clear source of reading a trustful and definite and clear result of such a bet.

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