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The company with the proven highest returns on the market and the most Online Offers in Cyprus, gives you another valuable tool to have full control over your bets.

Now, with the Turbo Cashout option, the absolute control of the bets is in your hands as you can either increase the chances of winning, or reduce your losses by correcting your initial prediction by early closing / settling your bet before the time completion of the games

At Meridianbet, YOU set your winnings!

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  1. Turbo Cashout provides to the Customer the possibility to take a return from his bet(s) (Stake) before an event has finished, during the duration of the bet. This allows to the Customer to be paid his bet on the offered value. This payment request will be priced according to the actual market value (odds) of the bet(s) offered at the moment of the Turbo Cashout request. 
  2. Turbo Cashout is available on pre-selected markets, both before (pre-match) and during events (live bet- in play), in single and multiple bets.
  3. During Turbo Cashout request, there will be a time delay before accepting the request. However, if a price (odd) changes or a market is suspended during that time Turbo Cashout may be rejected.
  4. Before of each processing and settlement of Turbo Cashout request, each transaction will require the customer's previous and explicit request. If Turbo Cashout request is successful then, this will appear and the bet will be settled immediately. For this purpose, the final amount of the initial bet will no longer have any value to the amount paid through Turbo Cashout.
  5. Due to the very large variability of the value of bet prices (odds) which is subject of Turbo Cashout offer, the Customer has the possibility to choose (ie choose optionally) for one of the three methods: a) to automatically accept any changes in values up to the 10% of the odds range, b) to only accept the values higher of those initially offered and c) to accept any changes in values (odds).
  6. Turbo Cashout amount offered at any time represents the total amount to be returned to Meridian Gaming (CY) Ltd customer or Meridianbet user's (customer) account and which is priced at the reasonable market value of the betting option at the time of starting of Turbo Cashout request, provided that Turbo Cashout request started and has been accepted on behalf of the Customer and the transaction successfully completed as defined in paragraph 5 of these Terms and Conditions.
  7. Meridian Gaming (CY) Ltd cannot guarantee that Turbo Cashout will be available on each of bet selections of the Customer. Turbo Cashout option will not be available when a market is suspended. Meridian Gaming (CY) Ltd will not be liable in case that Turbo Cashout is not available due to technical failures, interruptions or omissions, whereas in that case the bets will stand as originally placed.
  8. When an Obvious mistake occurs and/or is determined during live betting or after the end of an event, the bet cannot be made Turbo Cashout. If, due to an error, the settlement for Turbo Cashout is accepted, the settlement of Turbo Cashout will be void and the bet will be settled at Meridian Gaming (CY) Ltd's new correct price. If, due to an obvious mistake during live betting, the settlement of Turbo Cashout of the bet is accepted, the settlement of Turbo Cashout of the bet will be void and if possible (based on the remaining time of the regular time) a new Turbo Cashout offer will be made. If there are repeated attempts to place bets and settlements of Turbo Cashout of them on the same markets before the Obvious Mistake is corrected /verified, the settlement of Turbo Cashout of the bet and the bet itself will be void.
  9. Turbo Cashout cannot be combined with any other current offer. Any bets are settled using Turbo Cashout will not count towards calculating the bonus of any other current offer.
  10. 10. Meridian Gaming (CY) Ltd reserves the right to modify, subject to the prior approval of the Authority and notification to the players, to suspend or remove the ability to use the Early Cashout for any event, promotion, purchase or customer. Any bets placed on such events, matches or markets will stand as originally placed.
  11. Meridian Gaming (CY) Ltd reserves the right to suspend the operation or part of Turbo Cashout for any Customer or group of customers for whom there are reasonable grounds for misuse of Turbo Cashout in a fraudulent manner, taking advantage of odds changes, for early “closing” of their bets before an event starts.
  12. Meridian Gaming (CY) Ltd reserves the right to reverse the settlement of Turbo Cashout of bet(s) if such bet(s)/ market has(ve) been settled in error.

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